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The Official Dexter Cockburn Checklist [May. 11th, 2010|12:01 pm]


Animal Antics 1 comic book Animal Antics 2 comic book Bottom Of The Barrel Comix - comic book Caramba! Comix - comic book Comix Company Showcase - porn parodies of DC Comic characters Cornhole Laff Parade - comic book Creme Comics 1 comic book Creme Comics 2 comic book - UPCOMING!! Creme Comics 3 comic book - UPCOMING!! Doodlin' Funnies - sketch book (original edition) Doodlin' Funnies - sketch book (remastered edition) Doodlin' Funnies 2 sketch book Go Tijuana: The Archies - tijuana bible homage Goofy Funnies 2 comic book Goofy Funnies 3 comic book Goofy Funnies (pink pages) 3 comic book Goofy Funnies 4 comic book Goofy Funnies 5 comic book Goofy Funnies 6 comic book Goofy Funnies 8 comic book Jiggly Comix - comic book - UPCOMING!! Mindprints Horror Special - comic book (reprints A Touch Of Paranoia) Oh My! Comix 1 comic book Oh My! Comix 2 comic book Oh My! Comix 3 comic book Oh My! Comix 4 comic book - UPCOMING!! Pocket Rocket 1 comic book Pocket Rocket 2 comic book Poon - comic book Rehashed Funnies 1 comic book Rehashed Funnies 2 comic book - UPCOMING!! Spunk Comics 1 comic book Spunk Comics 2 comic book Spunk Comics 3 comic book Spunk Comics 4 comic book - UPCOMING!! Sweet Stuff Comix 1 comic book Sweet Stuff Comix 2 comic book Tang - comic book The MLOFF - web-comic Turgid Comics 1 comic book Turgid Comics 2 comic book Yummy Comics - comic book


2Day - Do-It-Yourself Tijuana Bible! (2 pages) Ax Wound 3 Logo artwork on cover Blackguard 2 Pop Joins the Adventure Club (4 pages) Blackguard 3 The Sad Case of Sweet Fanny Adams (1 page) Blackguard 4 Afraid/Ching Chong Charlie Chop Chop/One Fine Day In Bibical Times (2 pages) ButtRag Mag 5 Front cover ButtRag Mag 6 The Rump Ranger Shtups Again (4 pages) ButtRag Mag 7 Buttmeister Fuller (1 page) ButtRag Mag 8 Buttmeister Fuller (1 page) and back cover ButtRag Mag 9 Big Log Funnies (1 Page), The Adventure Club Are Doin' Th' Deed! (4 pages), and front cover ButtRag Mag 10 Down The Ol' Rabbit Hole (3 pages) and Buttmeister Fuller (1 page) ButtRag Mag 11 Zippity-Zoo Comics (1 page) Candy Or Medicine 15 Front cover Grawlix - Cute Cat Comix (2 pages) Koogmo 2 Front cover Modern Gentlemen 3 Cutie Patootie (5 pages) Pork Belly 7 The Rump Ranger/Teeny Tiny Comics (2 pages) Pork Belly Holiday Special - Cindy Lou Who's 19th Christmas (1 page) Sleazy Slice 4 Lovecraft Jr. (4 pages) Snuff Comix 3 Front cover Too Blue Comix 1 Pippa Creme in Grade Trade (1 page) and Dexter Cockburn's Bunglin' Bears (1 page) Too Blue Comix 2 All Beef Patty and illustration Too Blue Comix 3 Hypno-Coin (1 page) and Fuckburger (illustration) Too Blue Comix 4 Front cover Too Blue Comix 5 Goombay Smasher & Fun with the Bunglin' Bears! (1 page) Too Blue Comix 6 Dill Dough (1 page) Too Blue Comix 7 Sink der Pink (spot illustration) Too Blue Comix 9 In the Garden of Eden (spot illustration) Too Blue Comix 10 Front cover Too Blue Comix 11 Yankee Dildo (1 page) Urinal Gum Magazine 10 Front and back covers Walrus Files 2 Self portrait (from Doodlin' Funnies) Whuddafug 8 Front cover Whuddafug 10 Front cover Yuck! Comics 2 Shits 'N' Giggles (3 pages) Yuck! Comics 3 Bus Ride Of The Damned (6 pages) Yuck! Comics 5 Beast with 1000 Cunts - Part 1 (6 pages) Yuck! Comics 6 Beast with 1000 Cunts - Part 2 (6 pages)


Half Moon 1 A Touch Of Paranoia Part 1 (11 pages) Half Moon 2 A Touch Of Paranoia Part 2 (13 pages)* Half Moon 3 A Touch Of Paranoia Part 2 (13 pages and cover) Quarter Moon 4 A Touch Of Paranoia Part 3 (7 pages and cover) *Pages printed out of order. Fixed version appears in Half Moon #3.


Cash Grab 1 by Aaron Lange Cash Grab 2 by Aaron Lange Cash Grab 3 by Aaron Lange Clamjuice 1 by Carrie Q. Contrary Clamjuice 2 by Carrie Q. Contrary Clamjuice (pink pages) 2 by Carrie Q. Contrary Churn 1 by Hugo Fat Arse - by Lee James Turnock Funbag Funnies - by Lee James Turnock Gladhand Comix 1 by J.B. Gladhand Comix 2 by J.B. Gladhand Comix 3 by J.B. High Falootin' Funnies - by J.B. Honk 1 by Bowers & Wilkins P7 Hot Little Cut - by Carrie Q. Contrary Hoopla Comix - by Various Hugo - by Milton Knight Hugo: Bought + Sold - by Milton Knight Hugo: The Lady In Question - by Milton Knight I Am Sorry 1 by J.B. I Am Sorry 2 by J.B. I Love Poop - by Robin Bougie JB's ComicStories - by J.B. JB's Last Bits Comix - by J.B. Monty Comix 4 by Kayla Escobedo OK Comic - by Lee James Turnock Romp 1 by Aaron Lange Romp 2 by Aaron Lange Romp 3 by Aaron Lange Scumbag Funnies 1 by Lee James Turnock The Complete My Dad - by Aaron Lange The Electric Dinner - by Eric N. Peterson Trim 1 by Aaron Lange Trim 2 by Aaron Lange Trim 3 by Aaron Lange Urban Fairy Tales 2 by Sarah Bell Urban Fairy Tales 3 by Sarah Bell Up Yours! Comix - by Lee James Turnock Vortex 2 by Donny Robinson Washington Beach - by Aaron Lange

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